Nights Cloak

Nights Cloak is a game management and social platform for One World by Night and Troop games. Our goal is to connect players and provide updated features to players from all over the world!

While grapevine has supported the community well for many years, it is clear that it is not aging well. We are dedicated with honor the past service, while providing an updated platform for character and game management, as well as ongoing backward compatibility with grapevine for as long as possible.

Nights Cloak offers the following features:
  • Character Creation and Management
  • Grapevine Import and Export for backwards compatibility
  • Realtime Character Communications
  • Online RP Scenes
  • Easy Approvals Requests to Storytellers and OWBN Coordinators
  • Game Management
  • Mobile Applications are also in development for iOS and Android devices!

From character management, approvals, to player communications and real time scenes we are committed to providing an exceptional experience to our fellow players!

While we support OWBN games, we are not officially offiliated with the OWBN organization. Additionally Troop games are fully supported and encouraged!